Upcoming Shows

All shows begin at 7:30pm, doors at 7, unless otherwise specified.
Tickets available locally at Sweet Cakes, the Alternative Food Co-op, and Looney Tunes II in Wakefield, and online at Brown Paper Tickets.

    Saturday, November 15

    An Evening with The Gnomes

The Gnomes

Come November, Lily Pads gets gnomed! THE GNOMES play what can best be called global folk-fusion music – Celtic, Scandinavian, Russian, Eastern European, Caribbean, klezmer, and no shortage of originals. Members Phil Edmonds, Peter Breen, Matt Niebels, Mike Fischman and Cathy Clasper Torch, play everything from Irish whistle and button accordion to fiddle, keyboard, and er-hu; guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, and banjo to bass and percussion. And of course they sing!

Come on out for an evening that will take you around the world and leave you smiling.
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    Saturday, December 6

    Tallahassee and The Sugar Honey Iced Tea with Dr. Jones and the Shiners

A re-do of our snowed-out show, now with 33% more band content (The Sugar Honey Iced Tea)!

Please check back for additional listings.

4 Responses to Upcoming Shows

  1. Easy to use website, all the info I need (when tickets go on sale). I have given tickets to the shows as birthday gifts. Me and my family/friends love the performances, the setting, great snacks at intermission, the acoustics, and not to mention time we get to spend together.

  2. Karen Stein says:

    Suggestion: Lloyd Kaplan and the Aristocats—- local group of 4 playing jazz standards. Age range about 80 years old. Lots of fun to listen to, and folks were dancing in the isles. Not exactly folk music, I guess, but fun to hear. They would probably do 1 set, and then you could have some other group or artist for the other half of the program.

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